September 7, 2023
Redmond, WA
Time: 5:30PM
Venue: Aloft Hotel
Address: 15220 NE Shen St
Zipcode: 98052
State: WA
Phone: (425) 636-9922

Audrey Collins & Nick Mardon perform at Aloft Redmond on Thursday September 7th at 5;30pm!  Come enjoy some drinks and bites and listen to Audrey & Nick play your favorite Pop, Country, and Classic Rock songs.

Music has been a constant thread and driving force in Audrey’s life since before she could walk.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by her parents’ love of music, she was shaped early in life by eclectic musical influences including soul, pop and country. Dancing to the Bee Gees happened long before her first steps, shaping the soundtrack that would propel her forward.

“There is not one day I can remember when my home growing up did not have music playing from dawn to dusk. My parents played some pretty amazing albums so falling head over heels for music was easy.”